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This is a great post about (again) Web 2.0 issues. I’m not sure I emphasized this enough in my presentation at the Library Media Specialists conference last week. It isn’t about the technology, but about what our students are already doing in their lives. In this case, they are leading, and we are playing catch-up. The movie at the end is quite telling and very good–something faculty and staff should all watch.

2 thoughts on “Four Simple Truths – It’s Not About The Technology

  1. It’s an awesome movie, and it was nice to finally see it used in the context of a presentation about technology in education, and not just as a random video on the web.

    There’s another blogger in Virginia that you should definitely follow; Tom Woodward ( He’s got all sorts of great stuff that focuses on making technology relevant.

  2. Thanks Ben. I just added the link to my blogroll. I guess I’m on a Web 2.0 kick right now–good stuff, it is. Making technology relevant seems to be a key to getting this transformation continuing to evolve. Thanks for the comment!

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